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My gardening attempts in a new environment.

Fresh and Handy 4 x 4-foot Herb Garden – Bonnie Plants

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Getting a Lot Done

100_1786 100_1785  I finished planting new bed 2 with squashes melons and greens. I planted some nasturtiums and marigolds as well.

My new love: chocolate mint. Oh my! Even my mint hating husband lo rd the fragrant plant! I can’t wait for it to get a little bigger so I can cook with it.

Picture on my camera this time!


Herbs planted! Now we only have the new bed for peas and potatoes and the new area for corn and beans! Excited!!!


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A Few of the Girls

Aren’t they adorable. Very friendly as well.


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Chickens, Peacocks and Peahens

English: This picture was taken at Warwick Cas...

English: This picture was taken at Warwick Castle, during my 2003 travels around Great Britain. I loved how these peacocks kept trying to woo the peahens, and the peahens would have none of it. This one time, as a peahen walked over, a peacock started rattling its plumage at her. She ignored it and kept on walking. Another peahen walked over, and the peacock quickly turned and started rattling its plummage at the new one. Not very picky, was he? (Isn’t anthropomorphizing fun?) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband called me as I was waiting to get onto the ferry. I take a ferry to and from work each day- yeah, sounds cooler than it is. I leave the house at 6:15 and I get to work at 7:15. LONG day on a short day…

Anyway, he called to tell me there was a peacock and peahen in with the chickens! Sure enough, they were still there when I got home. We watched them a bit and went down to make dinner. About an hour later I went to water the garden and they were still there! So was their owner! LOL! He lives two houses down and they wandered off. He said they like small birds, such as the chickens, and wander off the property every now and then. The neighbor in-between us puts out cat food for the strays and the peacock and hen usually visit his place, according to the owner – Allen, and will probably visit us more now the chickens are out and about!

Check them out:

100_1770 100_1768100_1776

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Français : Mesclun, petits légumes marinés et ...

Français : Mesclun, petits légumes marinés et chèvre chaud aux herbes sur toasts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not yet, but soon I hope.

I planted my mesclun mix lettuce today. It germinates quickly and we will have lettuce soon. It will take a bit longer for the tomatoes, cukes and peppers but I cannot wait! Yeah, I can.

I transplanted the parsley, cilantro and the zucchini into larger containers. The cukes will be transplanted later this week.

I am reinvigorated by a recent show where the Dervaes family was profiled. Check them out:

They are providing for themselves and earning enough money to pay what little they cannot grow. This is something I would love to do for my family. I find myself asking “how much do I need to live?” If I did not have to travel to and from work, pay dues, fees, and other stuff to work, how much is needed? I have always dreamed of be self sustaining.

Rent or mortgage payments. Electricity, Internet, cable, etc. And meat. My husband could NEVER be a vegetarian. No car payments (yay!) but repairs and gas. Would 20K a year be enough? I don’t know, but I would love to find a place and give it a go.

The Dervaes family can be followed on Facebook:

Have a happy day!


Lovely rain!

Many Mini Hosta

Many Mini Hosta (Photo credit: Henryr10)

It rained last night and everything is wet, wet, wet! This is a GOOD thing around here. Last year we were in drought conditions so I am praying for periodic regular rain.

The awesome appearance so far? My hostas came back! Yep and they brought some babies along! I am so excited. Pictures will follow. I was worried that the periodic freezing temps killed them off!

Old Garden Bed

Old Garden Bed

The rain also brought cooler temps, which is another boon for us late planters! I can still plant my peas, lettuce and spinach! I will be finishing out the last raised bed next weekend and we are working on cleaning up brush. My hubby will be creating a new bed for me this weekend and we hope to get the reclaimed lumber cleaned, cut and a new deck outside the basement door. That will give us the downstairs deck to hang out on and the upstairs deck to have guests on, if we want.

I am a bit of a hermit. I work with people all week long and keep the ‘happy face’ on regardless of what goes on in life. It is a bit draining and gardening is my way of decompressing after a long hard week. I am really excited about summer coming and being able to grow my own veggies again. It provides me with solitude not found in my day-to-day life.

So, pictures are coming! They are HERE!!!

Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers

Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers

New Bed 2

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Old bed 2


The right side of the bed is blooming! Bulbs are popping up all over. Some vinca as well. We will see what happens now that the weather has warmed up.

Hubby is using the crepe myrtle limbs to build a fence to keep the dogs and other critter out of the beds here.

Lagerstroemia (crepe myrtle) in full bloom in ...

Lagerstroemia (crepe myrtle) in full bloom in late-July Lutherville, Maryland 25px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are using old deck boards (non treated) to build the end of the box up and make a potato bed. We have the wheat straw!

Potatoes, rearranged

Potatoes, rearranged (Photo credit: kisforkate)

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Old bed 1






Vinca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Catmint
English: Catmint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The catmint is doing pretty well, too. If those are the only things able to grow there, fine. It will be pretty with overflowing purple and white blooms and them bright red berries.




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Apr 14

Step One


Raised Lasagna Beds

Raised Lasagna Beds (Photo credit: Raizes Y Rayos)

Raised Bed

Raised Bed (Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)

Mixing soils while waiting for mi esposo. Ran to Lowe’s for items he needs. He missed out on the fun yesterday!

Soils were mixed and put into the boxes we made from reclaimed lumber from our deck. We used the untreated wood for garden boxes and will be using treated wood for the patio/deck we are making next. If there are leftovers we will be making a picnic table and benches.

Pictures are on there way.

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Apr 13

Went shopping today

Pepsico, Quaker Oats & GMO: You're On Your Own...

Pepsico, Quaker Oats & GMO: You’re On Your Own (g1a2d0054c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)


The Future of Food

The Future of Food (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

So, I headed over to Lowe’s this morning and bought the soils I need for my raised bed garden. I will be layering the garden, wheat straw on the bottom (on top of the contractor’s fabric), manure-compost blend, peat, and top soil. I also purchased a few plants as I will be growing a lot from heirloom, un-Monsanto GMO seed. I wanted my tomatoes and peppers to have a head start and provide some shade for my more tender crops.
Tomorrow we will build the box, mix the soils, and plant. Hubby will pick up the stakes to build the fence (deer netting and chicken wire) to keep out the critters. I do use Miracle-Gro so don’t trash me as I mention it in my posts!! I will also use a small portion of my garden area to compost, I save my eggshells to put around the lettuce, cabbage,, etc to discourage the slugs. I will be making my beer bait and insect trap to be hung from a tree on the opposite side of my yard. Primarily, it is used to trap mosquitoes! My beer bait for slugs will be outside of the garden as well.

I am really excited to see what we can grow here!





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