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Cucumbers (specifically, Gherkins) gathered fo...

Cucumbers (specifically, Gherkins) gathered for pickling. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grape tomatoes.

Grape tomatoes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

canning dried beans

canning dried beans (Photo credit: vigilant20)

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What the ….

Roast beef

Roast beef (Photo credit: Mike_fleming)

purple crocuses with closed bloom Français : D...

purple crocuses with closed bloom Français : Des crocus violets, avec leurs fleurs fermées. Italiano: Infiorescenze chiuse di piante del genere Crocus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where did spring go?! It was 45 when I got up for work this morning! I hope it doesn’t get any colder at night or my tomatoes and peppers will be very unhappy. We cooked a roast in the crock pot and had red potatoes and carrots

along side. Winter food! No marshmallows on the grill tonight, brrrrr!!

Hubby watered for me today and we are expecting rain tomorrow. Keep those fingers crossed for temperate climate this year. My friend in Colorado is dealing with SNOW!!! Such a four-letter word! Pretty but COLD! Another four-letter word for this southern girl.

Keep gardening my friends!

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Survival of the fittest

We have survived. The garden, that is. I had to cut about two feet off the tomato plants and hubby built a nice trellis to tie them up. The storms have not killed them off!! I did add more soil to the beds to help with root growth and stability as well.

The cucumbers are doing well. The pickling cukes I planted first have grown up and across the tops of my deer netting!! I plan to snip at least one today as it is about six inches. I make a cuke and onion salad for hubby that he will eat daily!

It rained too much and then got too hot too quickly for my lettuce. Much of it turned stringy and went to seed, as did my radishes and beets. I will re-plant in the fall. The chocolate mint is loving this weather! Most of the herbs are having a swell time in this hot wet weather.

My poor peppers are not loving the rain so much and the cloudy days. SOMETHING is eating at the leaves as I have tiny holes all over them. They are also curling. Have to do a little research.

Something else has been growing in the fields around us – chiggers and ticks. We did something we HATE to do – we sprayed insecticide in the field behind the house – only about 30-40 feet from the back of the house. We do not wander in the woods much so we did not go any further. I do not like using insecticides; HOWEVER, we felt it was a last resort. Since my diagnosis with Lyme Disease and the overpopulation of ticks (cannot walk to my garden without numerous getting on me) we had to take care of the immediate problem. We also discovered chiggers. My husband had never heard of chiggers before but after working outside one day – and not even in the tall grass – he was “bitten” from the chest downward. EVERYWHERE. He brought them in the house and infested our bedroom. I had to wash everything in very hot water. All of our clothing he touched or contaminated with his clothing and all of our linens.

We discovered the contamination when we both awoke with what looked like bites from waist down. After doing some investigating we discovered we had been infiltrated by chiggers. Using just an anti-itch cream was a temporary fix. We went to Wally-World and purchased benedryl cream and Chigg-Away. Seems to work.

Unfortunately, just walking to the end of my patio seems to get us covered in one or the other so we have taken steps to kill them back and then cut the grass/weeds/growth of vegetation down to the ground to remove any hiding places they have. We had planned to remove the growth anyway as we are building a deck off of the patio.

Life in Williamsburg is much more rural than Wytheville!

I go back to the doc this week to discuss the Lyme DIsease again as I am not sure the first round of anti-bacterial meds killed it off. Using colloidal silver and hemp oil as natural aids to assist me.

Now, off to fold and wash/dry laundry. WOOT! WOOT!


Rain, Rain, GO Away!

My poor plants! Between the deer getting to the hostas and petunias and the rain flooding my backyard, let alone home, and causing my beautiful tomato plants to break – I am pooped. We are going to get new soil and hay and a trellis to hold them up. I am afraid I will have to cut the tops of the plants off to remove some of the weight. These storms have been awful!

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Well, thanks to Miss Andrea (Tropical Storm for those of you who do not watch the weather channel or any news programs) my poor tomatoes are drooped over. They were pretty heavy-topped to begin with and with the 9.45 inches dropped in as many hours everything is wilted and droopy!

I cam home last night as usual and finished making dinner. Sitting in my living room where I can see a goodly portion of my kitchen I noticed water seeping from under my refrigerator.

“Honey?” I begin, “Why is water seeping out from under the fridge?” Did I forget to remind you that I just came home from a very long and tiring week of end of school year mayhem? Well, I did.

“Noooo.” He responded. Yeah, we are very loquacious at 5:30 on Fridays.

We got up to investigate and found water seeping from between the floor and walls of our basement apartment. As I turned to look at my husband I noticed water pouring from my bathroom.

“Oh no!” I say. “Water is pouring out of the bathroom!”

Okay, you get the drift. Not only was it coming from the bathroom into the hall, it was coming from three of the four sides of our very square shaped apartment. We immediately moved any and all damageable furnishings and other items. We checked the laundry area to find the drain … well, NOT draining. I ran to retrieve towels to stop and absorb the water flow. The first round of water removed and towels in the washer to ring out as much water as I could before putting them back on the floor. We did this a couple of times before hubby called the property manager who came out with an industrial wetvac and assisted me with water removal. You may be wondering where hunny-bunny was while we toiled? Remember, he just had surgery so the job was mostly mine.

When the rain eased the flow of water eased, when it poured – you get it. Finally around 9:30 PM the rains eased and the water stopped flooding my apartment. I was able to put a third of all my towels into the washer for a real washing and take a break. No real damage. Two cardboard boxes with contents wet. I few cloth items stored in the laundry will need a washing. My nightstand got a little damp. You would never know we were flooded if you did not see the pile of towels being washed and dried or the giant wetvac in the laundry or the dehumidifier running to remove any semblance of moisture.

We were exhausted by bedtime. I haven’t looked at my gardens yet to see what damage 9.5 inches of rain can do. I am pretty sure it won’t be pretty. I will post pictures soon.

Oh, the benefit of some minor flooding? Any hiding of spider carcasses or dog-hair dust bunnies have been found and eliminated! The tile floors are REALLY clean!

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One goal accomplished!

We have this ugly retaining wall that was dug out and filled with gravel when stairs were put in last year. I filled about six inches in (on top of landscaping fabric) with a compost mix.

There is not enough sun there to grow  much more than what you see. Wild strawberries, catmint and hostas – which the deer got to last week!

2013-06-02_11-32-20_954 2013-06-02_11-32-41_527 2013-06-02_11-33-09_949



Seems the deer liked the light colored variegated hostas. They took a couple of bites from the darker ones but ate the leaves from all the lighter ones. We put up some fencing as a barrier. It is only temporary but it will keep them out!

So I put hubby to work elongating the area to put in peas and potatoes. It was a very warm morning so he is looking a might peaked!

2013-06-02_11-33-33_651 2013-06-02_11-33-47_918

There is a little hay and dirt in the spot and the peas and potatoes are already growing. I added a little wood ash around the peas and beans to see if it will help keep the insects at bay!

2013-06-02_11-41-30_915 2013-06-02_12-25-40_418




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