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My gardening attempts in a new environment.

Spring is almost here

on March 7, 2015

Although my garden beds are still under snow and will probably be surrounded by mud when spring actually rolls in, I have started looking at catalogs and reviewing websites, blogs, Facebook sites, etc in preparation.


I have started my greens and onions. This year I am trying something new. I am starting my seeds in a starting medium and in biodegradable containers. Eggshells, cardboard tubing, and even straight into cardboard egg cartons. I see lettuce up in less than a week! It makes me smile and I feel so happy when I see the “babies” popping up.

11024728_10205389371447727_2315220972930969856_nYou can see the eggshells in the picture to the left.

The cardboard tubes to the right.11038400_10205389373727784_6526599380943305715_n

My baker’s rack is located in the window in my dining room and I will be adding more seeds over the next couple of weeks as we begin to warm up. My plan is to get these seeds ready to be transplanted by the end of the month when my husband will have the row covers and “hothouse” built.

 I plan to continue starting seeds for multiple plantings throughout the year with a final Fall crop of the cole crops in August. I also hope to can more vegetables this year. The more we read about ingredients in store bought canned foods and “fast” foods the more we choose to can and prepare at home.


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