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ATLANTA VEGGIES : Odd Squash Problem: Split Stems

I have seen the same thing already. We have had some extreme temps and high winds. I hope the addition of compost, regular watering, and TLC will make them thrive!

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Make Your Own Ollas

Great idea to focus water on the root systems.

The Suburban Farm

I first read about ollas (pronounced oh-yah) over at Little Homestead in the City. Basically it’s an ancient irrigation method that uses unglazed, porous clay pots buried within the root zones of plants. Water poured into the exposed necks of the pots (or pitchers) naturally seeps into the soil, providing a continuous supply of water to the plants.

I’m intrigued by any method of watering that reduces consumption and is more natural. Ollas seem like the perfect answer, but premade ones can be expensive if you’re using them to irrigate everything.

Then I found a gardener named Matt who posted an excellent how-to for making your own ollas using nothing more than inexpensive terra cotta pots.

I followed Matt’s tutorial, and here’s how it went:


Step 1: acquire pots

This time of year they’re easy to find, and I bought these 15-inch pots for $1 each at Job…

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