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Need a farm

on January 14, 2018

or at least an acre of land.

You see, we have been renting over the last 20 years. I have been fortunate that my landlords have allowed me to garden on the property or we’ve lived in areas with community gardens. This apartment in the city has no read landscape and nowhere to have a real garden.

I need my own place. No longer renting. Problem is, I cannot afford to buy what I would like. A farm.

I am looking at small houses with properties. In Richmond, in the city, if I look at what I can afford it is in rougher neighborhoods. If I look at ‘safer’ neighborhoods, I am priced out.


I have tried container gardening but there is no water handy (I have to fill in the kitchen and walk through the apartment to water on the front porch daily to combat the direct sun and heat of summer). With my schedule, my husband is not really helpful in that area. He forgets. If I leave for any time, I come back to dead plants. A raised bed usually comes back to life but containers not so much.

A farm would be great because as I get older I realize I like homemade and I don’t need a lot of ‘stuff’. A good-sized kitchen is needed, a craft/sewing/art room, an office for my husband (gotta’ keep him out of the two prior mentioned rooms), a bedroom, and 2 bathrooms would be awesome! I suppose a living room and a dining room are necessary. I am pretty much a hermit by nature but my husband is an extrovert so I guess we have to have room for other people to visit.

I want to have a couple animals so I can make my own food. HOWEVER, I don’t know that I could actually butcher the animals myself. I want to make my own cheeses, fresh eggs, fresh veg. I also want to be self-sustaining but I need cash. In America, you still need good cash flow even if you have a well and septic system, you gotta have money to build the infrastructure and pay annual taxes. So, I actually need to keep my job.


Oh, and convincing my husband to move out of the city now that he has me here.

The thought of goats and chickens makes my husband stop listening. Also, he needs Internet. As a web developer the thought of living with minimal electricity and high speed internet makes him STOP. He cannot even contemplate it.

Maybe a small hobby farm we can go to on weekends and breaks. This might allow him to come into the light sooner rather than later.

There is one other issue. My daughter. Neither of us are ready for us to be more than two hours away from each other just yet. I know. She’s grown up. She knows it too. However, we are great mother daughter friends. We like hanging out together. Also, once she is married and gives me grand-babies I want to be nearby to help out.

There are a lot of limitations to my dream of living on a farm.

But I am not giving up.









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