Watch My Garden Growing

My gardening attempts in a new environment.

Spring is almost here

Although my garden beds are still under snow and will probably be surrounded by mud when spring actually rolls in, I have started looking at catalogs and reviewing websites, blogs, Facebook sites, etc in preparation.


I have started my greens and onions. This year I am trying something new. I am starting my seeds in a starting medium and in biodegradable containers. Eggshells, cardboard tubing, and even straight into cardboard egg cartons. I see lettuce up in less than a week! It makes me smile and I feel so happy when I see the “babies” popping up.

11024728_10205389371447727_2315220972930969856_nYou can see the eggshells in the picture to the left.

The cardboard tubes to the right.11038400_10205389373727784_6526599380943305715_n

My baker’s rack is located in the window in my dining room and I will be adding more seeds over the next couple of weeks as we begin to warm up. My plan is to get these seeds ready to be transplanted by the end of the month when my husband will have the row covers and “hothouse” built.

 I plan to continue starting seeds for multiple plantings throughout the year with a final Fall crop of the cole crops in August. I also hope to can more vegetables this year. The more we read about ingredients in store bought canned foods and “fast” foods the more we choose to can and prepare at home.

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Request Seeds

Looking for free seeds to plant my garden this spring. Here is one place you can obtain them:

Request Seeds.

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Feeding My Addiction…

Her garden looks much like mine. The cold we had previously wiped out anything green but with warmer, yes … 40s are warmer than what we had before but we are in the 60s, temperatures my lawn is trying to look a little green and I am afraid my trees may try to bloom! We are feeding the beds with compost to get them ready for spring and I have been perusing the seed catalogs!

Forest Garden

December 28, 2014 winter 012


While much of the country has ice and snow this last week of December, we are a balmy 48 with light showers.


December 29, 2014 garden 003


We had a breath of spring this weekend with sunshine and warmer temperatures.


December 29, 2014 garden 005


We are so fortunate to have a climate mild enough to sustain greenery and flowers through the winter months.


December 28, 2014 winter 018*

I am still enamored of moss, and dug up a bit more from the garden to lay in pots near the house.


December 28, 2014 winter 021


I don’t believe it will last long into spring, in those areas with direct sun, but it is nice in the winter when so much of the garden stands bare.


December 28, 2014 winter 011


This is the season when I appreciate our ivy the most, along with our Violas and Camellias, which still have a few blooms despite the cold, wind, and rain.


December 28, 2014 winter 007



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How long do garden seeds last?

CORVALLIS – Home gardeners are often frugal by nature. They save leftover garden seed from one year to the next and so forth. How long do seeds last? It depends on how you keep the seeds and what kind of seeds they are, explained Oregon State University vegetable researchers Deborah Kean and Jim Myers.

via How long do garden seeds last?.

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My Garden is Growing

We have had some wonderful weather this past week and I thin every growing thing has grown a foot! I will be posting pictures tomorrow to show the growth we have seen this week. Before and after.

We are also planting red, yellow, and blue potatoes tomorrow. Building fences to let the beans and peas grow upright. A bunch of mini-projects in the garden but the outside needs some sprucing and weeding as well.

Oh, and we are putting in a new compost area to recycle the scraps in the kitchen! We started small this year with composting. We have discovered that by running the scraps through the blender/food processor first and then placing them in the garden they compost much faster. My husband has been dumping the raw scraps in a corner of an old garden area but I made him stop because a couple squash seeds germinated! We are going to put them in a different area and throw in some old seed potatoes to watch what happens. The soil is pretty great and the brown matter is available as well. We are going to use some old logs around the area instead of building new raised beds.

A lot to do outside before tackling my indoor projects. Cleaning, cooking, lesson plans, laundry and sleep by 8 AM. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Yeah, right.

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Look who visited my garden.


We had to cut him loose as he was caught in the deer netting. She/he (I don’t know how to tell the difference) is a 4 foot long black snake. When he figured out we were trying to rescue him, he stopped shaking his tail at me as I cut him free. Ryan snapped this shot as I was about to cut his head free.

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New beds



Tomatoes, peppers, squash, oh my! Some of my favorite things… Yeah, I mixed my movie metaphors but that is okay.  We have peas and squash, herbs and flowers. I am very excited!

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Spring time again


Well, it is time again! We have the new garden almost in and the netting is up. Mark and I spent this week cleaning a space and putting the fabric

down. We built our three beds today, and finistartingshed filling 2 of them.

Hopefully, tomorrow will allow me to fill the 3rd bed. I hope to get the plants in this week. 🙂

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Tomatoes, Peppers, Rain and Snails … oh, and chickens, too!

I have never before seen such large snails in my garden. They have been on every plant. Every herb, every vegetable. I am sure the fact that the sun does not hit the garden nearly long enough has something to do with the whole problem. And the rain. It doesn’t just rain her and then get sunny – all better. No, it stays cloudy for a day first, then rains by bucket loads and then stays cloudy a day later. Or so it seems to me and my poor plants. The peppers are still not happy about it. I planted two new peppers in a sunnier spot. I transplanted one pepper to a sunnier spot. We will see what transpires.

I had to pick a bunch of tomatoes after the last rain. They began to split. I did not want to lose them to insects to I picked them and brought them inside. We may have a plate or two of fried green tomatoes. We did have a few orangey-red ones so I took those too. The weather said rain. I see white clouds ans sun. Go figure.


Update on chickens:

Seems like the hawk that lives in our neighborhood has eaten a couple. Went from an even dozen to about 8, at last count. They are still getting out of the fenced enclosure and pooping on my doorstep. Hubby sent an email to the property manager – he stepped in it. She let him know the chickens would be relocated on Sunday. It is sad they could not have just taken better care of their animals. We don’t care about the chickens, but we care about stepping in poo when we are walking to and from the car. Maybe they have learned a lesson? Probably not. We have become the “bad guys” for ‘telling on them’. Actually, if my husband was a bad guy he would have called the police as having chickens where we live is illegal. If he was a bad guy he would call animal control about the dog who is left in her crate for 8-12+ hours six-plus days a week. Yeah, we’re are the bad guys.

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A Day Such As This

Good day to everyone. By 7:30 this morning I was outside watering my gardens. That is not where it ended. I fixed the fence around my neighbor’s chickens and cleaned all the chicken poop from the car port and deck. You  may be wondering why I did such things? Well, because the chickens ate my hostas and my potatoes. Yep. Every single one.

This is not the first time. For the poop or their appetite.

Let me explain. Three families live here. My husband and I took the downstairs apartment because we had a dog, Luna, who needed to be taken out and played with. We thought downstairs with easy access to the back yard was a smart move. At the time, there was just one female grad student living in the upstairs unit so we felt it was a really good choice. Then a nice ‘newlywed’ couple moved into the “cottage” above the carport area. Cool.

Well, the grad student was a mental case and would scream and moan and cry at all hours of the night. Not kidding. Ridiculous. She was a mess. But then she moved, yay! A young couple with a child and one on the way moved in upstairs and seemed like a really nice couple. Yay! Both work and seemed really responsible. They have a dog. A sweet dog. A well behaved dog. She won’t even come in the apartment when the door is open. Unfortunately, they leave her crated while they are work. Now, normally I would not have a problem with that but they don’t always come home after work. On the weekends they leave and she howls, cries and bangs against the crate for hours. My husband actually had to call them at midnight to see if everything was okay because she had been going at it nonstop for two hours. They weren’t home. Yes, they have a new baby and a toddler. We have offered to take the dog out when they aren’t home to water, feed, and let her do her business.

So, now they have bought chickens. 12. A dozen hens a-laying. They take just as good care of the chickens as the dog. Actually, the chickens have more freedom. Hence, the chicken poop issue. They hop the fence. They scoot through openings. They poop everywhere! No problem if my neighbors cleaned up after them. But I should have not expected that since they have decided trash is the new chic. I am feeling like I am living in a trash heap. I had enough.

Today, I cleaned the poop off of everything. I fixed the fence and put eight chickens back inside. Don’t know where the other four have ended up. I heard that one was hawk dinner. I cleaned up the neighbor’s trash – literally – and mess left on the deck we all share. Or, we are supposed to share. I haven’t been able to use it because their kids pool, sandbox, and two sets of tables and chairs were all over the place along with towels and, yes, actual trash. I am not happy.

I usually wash down the carport and deck areas regularly anyway but it is not my “job” to do so. I just help the property manager keep things picked up and clean. My husband does some handyman stuff for them when something breaks. We care about where we live. The other couple have planted some great flowers at the base of their stairs in order to “pretty-up” the place. The young couple? They have thrown car parts all around the parking area. I am really not happy.

The chickens have killed all but one of my potato plants. They ate ALL of my hostas. They have eaten my beans, peas and corn plants. I am REALLY not happy.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I will work in my garden and pick a nice green tomato to go with dinner. Yummy! Friday is reserved as beach day and then back to the grind.



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