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My gardening attempts in a new environment.

What the ….

Roast beef

Roast beef (Photo credit: Mike_fleming)

purple crocuses with closed bloom Français : D...

purple crocuses with closed bloom Français : Des crocus violets, avec leurs fleurs fermées. Italiano: Infiorescenze chiuse di piante del genere Crocus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where did spring go?! It was 45 when I got up for work this morning! I hope it doesn’t get any colder at night or my tomatoes and peppers will be very unhappy. We cooked a roast in the crock pot and had red potatoes and carrots

along side. Winter food! No marshmallows on the grill tonight, brrrrr!!

Hubby watered for me today and we are expecting rain tomorrow. Keep those fingers crossed for temperate climate this year. My friend in Colorado is dealing with SNOW!!! Such a four-letter word! Pretty but COLD! Another four-letter word for this southern girl.

Keep gardening my friends!

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Updates and pictures coming!!!

So, this week we repotted the tomatoes and pepper plants. The pepper plant seems to be lunch for something. I did see a red spider-like insect on it tonight as I was watering. It is trying to form peppers but I nipped them off. I really want the plant to develop before it tries fruiting.
I will take pictures and maybe someone can give me a clue. I did fertilize a bit tonight and I watered thoroughly. By tonight I mean at 6PM so we had plenty of time for the plant to dry out before the sun went down here.

Tomatoes look great. I have been clipping back the buds as well. No flowering allowed yet. Too soon!!

Nasturtium blossom. One. LOL! AND they are all a bit flimsy. Not sure what is going on in this bed but I think hubby added too much peat. He does not understand that too much peat is not good for certain plants. I need to go get some more compost and manure to help it out I think. Lettuce is still trying to come up. Some radishes are looking better but something has been eating them. Beets too!

Never had this bad of a problem growing before. I am a little stumped.

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