Watch My Garden Growing

My gardening attempts in a new environment.

Old bed 2


The right side of the bed is blooming! Bulbs are popping up all over. Some vinca as well. We will see what happens now that the weather has warmed up.

Hubby is using the crepe myrtle limbs to build a fence to keep the dogs and other critter out of the beds here.

Lagerstroemia (crepe myrtle) in full bloom in ...

Lagerstroemia (crepe myrtle) in full bloom in late-July Lutherville, Maryland 25px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are using old deck boards (non treated) to build the end of the box up and make a potato bed. We have the wheat straw!

Potatoes, rearranged

Potatoes, rearranged (Photo credit: kisforkate)

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Disappointed in My Peas

My poor peas are dying. Not sure what happened but I will be replanting. It may have warmed up too much for them but I am repotting some plants tomorrow so I will reseed the peas, lettuce, beets, carrots, radishes and potatoes.
Up north (Maine) and in SW Virginia we did not even put potatoes in the ground until after Mothers’ Day. Nothing went in the ground until after Memorial Day. I suppose the nicer, more temperate weather here in Williamsburg lulled me into thinking we could get a jump on planting. Oh well, live and learn. I cannot wait to get some other goodies in the ground. The little bit of lettuce and spinach is finally attempting to grow. The warmer soil has probably helped. Might even replant the bulbs to see what I get next year!

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