Watch My Garden Growing

My gardening attempts in a new environment.

Watch my garden growing

is an attempt to document my new gardens. I am renting an apartment in a house and the owners have given us permission to garden and landscape as they have not attempted to remediate the landscaping left by the previous owner. Thirty-something years ago a man and woman bought the proprty and built their home here. From what I have been told by neighbors the wife was a prolific gardener and the skeleton of her garden beds and paths are still visible today.
The story is, her husband became ill and she stopped tending the property. He passed away and she was older and less able to work in the rather large yard so it began to become overgrown. She sold the property about three years ago to the current owner who is a young man, not inclined to do a lot of landscaping or gardening. So, I get to play!

Watch as I work to transform the landscape from overgrown to luxurious and green – meaning useful without pesticides. I will be using edible gardening methods so we plan to eat what we plant!

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