Watch My Garden Growing

My gardening attempts in a new environment.

Second Time Around

Since the eggshell experiment failed, I decided to go with traditional starter trays with 98% success! I am guesstimating the percentage; however, I planted three 72-cell trays and all but 24 cells have fully germinated. 24 out of 216 – you do the math, I don’t really care. 🙂 Oh, and I replanted 12 cells and transplanted the corn to larger cells. So, I guess I have planted 228 and I have partial germination in the 24 cells (I plan to replant once I transplant the other cells into larger containers).

So here they are: (since they are in a window pictures are dark, but you can see the growth)

wpid-img_20150409_072019527_hdr.jpg      Corn babies. wpid-img_20150408_145150079_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20150408_145157417_hdr.jpg         Lettuces, spinach, etc.            wpid-img_20150408_145211753_hdr.jpg


 wpid-img_20150408_145205947_hdr.jpg       24 Hour growth of peas and beans!wpid-img_20150409_072012783.jpg

I purchased clear plastic solo cups to transfer my non-cold resistant plants into to allow them to grow a bit more. My plan is to transplant the cold hardy plants into the garden this weekend. Peas, lettuce, etc can go in the garden bed while the others can get a little more strength while we begin hardening them off during the day. I will probably need to replant the onions, leeks, and chives as they are not looking their best and am not certain they will transplant well. Since I am square foot companion gardening this year I can direct seed in a couple of the squares and transplant what I have. I will thin them out as necessary.

Due to my dirty, rotten, stinking allergies being twice obnoxious this year I am not as ready to plant this year. I will have one bed ready this weekend and possibly have the second moved and filled. One day outside in windy conditions sent me inside for four and one-half.

For more information on square foot gardening:

For companion gardening:

For companion square foot gardening:



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New beds



Tomatoes, peppers, squash, oh my! Some of my favorite things… Yeah, I mixed my movie metaphors but that is okay.  We have peas and squash, herbs and flowers. I am very excited!

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Disappointed in My Peas

My poor peas are dying. Not sure what happened but I will be replanting. It may have warmed up too much for them but I am repotting some plants tomorrow so I will reseed the peas, lettuce, beets, carrots, radishes and potatoes.
Up north (Maine) and in SW Virginia we did not even put potatoes in the ground until after Mothers’ Day. Nothing went in the ground until after Memorial Day. I suppose the nicer, more temperate weather here in Williamsburg lulled me into thinking we could get a jump on planting. Oh well, live and learn. I cannot wait to get some other goodies in the ground. The little bit of lettuce and spinach is finally attempting to grow. The warmer soil has probably helped. Might even replant the bulbs to see what I get next year!

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So, watching the garden is like waiting for a pot of water to boil.

When I look every day it doesn’t change much. I spent much of my spring break indoors due to severe allergies. Anyone know of a state below the Mason-Dixon Line where oak trees are limited?

Anyway, when I could get out I saw my peas where about 8″ tall! I tied some string to help them grow up instead of on the ground. My other veggies need some Miracle Grow to get them moving along.

I suppose it would also help if my neighbors’ very friendly pup would stop using the space as a shortcut. Oh well, time will tell. Pix of my peas coming soon.

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