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My gardening attempts in a new environment.

Tomatoes, Peppers, Rain and Snails … oh, and chickens, too!

I have never before seen such large snails in my garden. They have been on every plant. Every herb, every vegetable. I am sure the fact that the sun does not hit the garden nearly long enough has something to do with the whole problem. And the rain. It doesn’t just rain her and then get sunny – all better. No, it stays cloudy for a day first, then rains by bucket loads and then stays cloudy a day later. Or so it seems to me and my poor plants. The peppers are still not happy about it. I planted two new peppers in a sunnier spot. I transplanted one pepper to a sunnier spot. We will see what transpires.

I had to pick a bunch of tomatoes after the last rain. They began to split. I did not want to lose them to insects to I picked them and brought them inside. We may have a plate or two of fried green tomatoes. We did have a few orangey-red ones so I took those too. The weather said rain. I see white clouds ans sun. Go figure.


Update on chickens:

Seems like the hawk that lives in our neighborhood has eaten a couple. Went from an even dozen to about 8, at last count. They are still getting out of the fenced enclosure and pooping on my doorstep. Hubby sent an email to the property manager – he stepped in it. She let him know the chickens would be relocated on Sunday. It is sad they could not have just taken better care of their animals. We don’t care about the chickens, but we care about stepping in poo when we are walking to and from the car. Maybe they have learned a lesson? Probably not. We have become the “bad guys” for ‘telling on them’. Actually, if my husband was a bad guy he would have called the police as having chickens where we live is illegal. If he was a bad guy he would call animal control about the dog who is left in her crate for 8-12+ hours six-plus days a week. Yeah, we’re are the bad guys.

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Rain, Rain, GO Away!

My poor plants! Between the deer getting to the hostas and petunias and the rain flooding my backyard, let alone home, and causing my beautiful tomato plants to break – I am pooped. We are going to get new soil and hay and a trellis to hold them up. I am afraid I will have to cut the tops of the plants off to remove some of the weight. These storms have been awful!

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Okay, I Cheated … So Sue Me.

State fruit - Tomato

State fruit – Tomato (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I haven’t watered my garden in DAYS!!! It has rained for three days straight. I was able to use MIracle Gro last weekend before the rain came down and the plants are showing growth. My tomatoes have doubles, seeds have germinated and everything looks great. I wish it were just a little warmer for my green peppers, though.


We did not even water before taking a trip because we knew it was going to rain. I still did not water when we returned from our little day-trip because, yep, it had rained while we were gone and the morning we returned.

I also cheated by posting my pictures to Pinterest. I don’t like the WordPress app for posting multiple pictures because I have to provide a text post as well for each one instead of just a picture. Sure, looks like I am a posting goddess but it is too time consuming, really. I have better things to do with my time … like not water my garden. 🙂


Here is the Pinterest link:

Things are going well. No slugs in the garden, even though it has been raining so much. I am hoping my liberal use of eggshells has helped with that. No major pests or insects yet. We had tomato hornworms last year so I am keeping a lookout for them this year. A few spiders, but none doing plant damage. I hope they stay away this year. Not likely.

miracle-gro potting soil


Well, almost time to get up and get ready for work so I had better finish my porridge. Have a happy day!






Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away! and Mutant Ninja Snapping Turtle (aka Mr. Crankypants)


Normally, I would not be saying that but we have had just enough rain each day I haven’t had to water the gardens. My hostas are going wild! The lettuce, spinach, collards, beets, tomatoes, onions, peppers and herbs are loving it as well.

The gardens are enjoying the mild weather. We know that it won’t last so we enjoy what God is giving us.

Young collard plants growing in a container

Everything in the yard is lush and green. My hubby will be mowing the lawn – what little we have of it, shortly. Excited to see the growth.



Oh, I saved a rather large, and somewhat cranky, snapping turtle yesterday, from being someone’s roadkill supper. He/she was as big around as my hubcap and must have weighed about twenty pounds. As I was leaving work I noticed a big grayish looking thing in the middle of the road. I stopped, backed up and moved him to the side of the road. I put my back out doing so, and it had the nerve to snap at me. No good deed, eh? My coworkers think I am silly and a little crazy for picking it up. Funny thing, they are all locals – kind of boonies rural area – and I grew up on beaches and in cities. I have no fear of reptiles so I did not think to do anything differently. They all think it is weird.


Common-snapping-turtle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh well. 🙂

Must go make dinner, hubs is starving to death. HA!

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Lovely rain!

Many Mini Hosta

Many Mini Hosta (Photo credit: Henryr10)

It rained last night and everything is wet, wet, wet! This is a GOOD thing around here. Last year we were in drought conditions so I am praying for periodic regular rain.

The awesome appearance so far? My hostas came back! Yep and they brought some babies along! I am so excited. Pictures will follow. I was worried that the periodic freezing temps killed them off!

Old Garden Bed

Old Garden Bed

The rain also brought cooler temps, which is another boon for us late planters! I can still plant my peas, lettuce and spinach! I will be finishing out the last raised bed next weekend and we are working on cleaning up brush. My hubby will be creating a new bed for me this weekend and we hope to get the reclaimed lumber cleaned, cut and a new deck outside the basement door. That will give us the downstairs deck to hang out on and the upstairs deck to have guests on, if we want.

I am a bit of a hermit. I work with people all week long and keep the ‘happy face’ on regardless of what goes on in life. It is a bit draining and gardening is my way of decompressing after a long hard week. I am really excited about summer coming and being able to grow my own veggies again. It provides me with solitude not found in my day-to-day life.

So, pictures are coming! They are HERE!!!

Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers

Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers

New Bed 2

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So, between the lack of sun and rain my plants are not growing as fast as it should. The neighbor’s dog has taken a few trips through. No changes. Bought MiracleGro to provide some nutrition. Nothing I can do about the sun and rain.

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Pet Problems

Not mine, she knows better. My neighbor’s very sweet puppy took a walk down the bed! Thankfully, no real damage done. The plants are still growing. I have nice tall pea plants, the lettuce has germinated and i have small sprouts, the root veggies appear to be doing well also. The nasturtiums and marigolds are also poking their little heads up.
The weather has been somewhat cool and rainy this past week and will probably stay that way for a while. My cold crops are okay with it but the tomatoes and peppers aren’t so happy.
If the weather is nice this Sunday I will get them in the ground and plant the squashes.

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