Watch My Garden Growing

My gardening attempts in a new environment.

One goal accomplished!

We have this ugly retaining wall that was dug out and filled with gravel when stairs were put in last year. I filled about six inches in (on top of landscaping fabric) with a compost mix.

There is not enough sun there to grow  much more than what you see. Wild strawberries, catmint and hostas – which the deer got to last week!

2013-06-02_11-32-20_954 2013-06-02_11-32-41_527 2013-06-02_11-33-09_949



Seems the deer liked the light colored variegated hostas. They took a couple of bites from the darker ones but ate the leaves from all the lighter ones. We put up some fencing as a barrier. It is only temporary but it will keep them out!

So I put hubby to work elongating the area to put in peas and potatoes. It was a very warm morning so he is looking a might peaked!

2013-06-02_11-33-33_651 2013-06-02_11-33-47_918

There is a little hay and dirt in the spot and the peas and potatoes are already growing. I added a little wood ash around the peas and beans to see if it will help keep the insects at bay!

2013-06-02_11-41-30_915 2013-06-02_12-25-40_418




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Here are a few images of the backyard. Pretty messy! We are raking out from under 10 years of leaf matter!

One of the numerous beds:           


This is the bed created when a new french drain was installed next to the small brick retaining wall on the right. They dug a 2-foot wide hole that extends down the side of the house and about 10 feet past the back door. The trench is filled with gravel to allow for drainage. We covered the gravel with landscaping fabric to keep the soil from filtering down. We also had to place wood (4x4s) at the ends and one in the middle because the retaining wall is terraced. So, we have two beds, one with only a few inches of soil and one with about 6 inches of soil. They are a mix between top soil and peat moss. I have some veggies with shallow roots in now. Lettuce, spinach, peas, etc. The white you see are egg shells to put up a defense against slugs. We have many. With all the rain we have had recently the slugs have multiplied!

At 4 days some babies are poking their heads out in the radish and beets bed.


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