Watch My Garden Growing

My gardening attempts in a new environment.

My Garden is Growing

We have had some wonderful weather this past week and I thin every growing thing has grown a foot! I will be posting pictures tomorrow to show the growth we have seen this week. Before and after.

We are also planting red, yellow, and blue potatoes tomorrow. Building fences to let the beans and peas grow upright. A bunch of mini-projects in the garden but the outside needs some sprucing and weeding as well.

Oh, and we are putting in a new compost area to recycle the scraps in the kitchen! We started small this year with composting. We have discovered that by running the scraps through the blender/food processor first and then placing them in the garden they compost much faster. My husband has been dumping the raw scraps in a corner of an old garden area but I made him stop because a couple squash seeds germinated! We are going to put them in a different area and throw in some old seed potatoes to watch what happens. The soil is pretty great and the brown matter is available as well. We are going to use some old logs around the area instead of building new raised beds.

A lot to do outside before tackling my indoor projects. Cleaning, cooking, lesson plans, laundry and sleep by 8 AM. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! Yeah, right.

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New beds



Tomatoes, peppers, squash, oh my! Some of my favorite things… Yeah, I mixed my movie metaphors but that is okay.  We have peas and squash, herbs and flowers. I am very excited!

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So, watching the garden is like waiting for a pot of water to boil.

When I look every day it doesn’t change much. I spent much of my spring break indoors due to severe allergies. Anyone know of a state below the Mason-Dixon Line where oak trees are limited?

Anyway, when I could get out I saw my peas where about 8″ tall! I tied some string to help them grow up instead of on the ground. My other veggies need some Miracle Grow to get them moving along.

I suppose it would also help if my neighbors’ very friendly pup would stop using the space as a shortcut. Oh well, time will tell. Pix of my peas coming soon.

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Pet Problems

Not mine, she knows better. My neighbor’s very sweet puppy took a walk down the bed! Thankfully, no real damage done. The plants are still growing. I have nice tall pea plants, the lettuce has germinated and i have small sprouts, the root veggies appear to be doing well also. The nasturtiums and marigolds are also poking their little heads up.
The weather has been somewhat cool and rainy this past week and will probably stay that way for a while. My cold crops are okay with it but the tomatoes and peppers aren’t so happy.
If the weather is nice this Sunday I will get them in the ground and plant the squashes.

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Watch my garden growing

is an attempt to document my new gardens. I am renting an apartment in a house and the owners have given us permission to garden and landscape as they have not attempted to remediate the landscaping left by the previous owner. Thirty-something years ago a man and woman bought the proprty and built their home here. From what I have been told by neighbors the wife was a prolific gardener and the skeleton of her garden beds and paths are still visible today.
The story is, her husband became ill and she stopped tending the property. He passed away and she was older and less able to work in the rather large yard so it began to become overgrown. She sold the property about three years ago to the current owner who is a young man, not inclined to do a lot of landscaping or gardening. So, I get to play!

Watch as I work to transform the landscape from overgrown to luxurious and green – meaning useful without pesticides. I will be using edible gardening methods so we plan to eat what we plant!

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