Watch My Garden Growing

My gardening attempts in a new environment.


Well, thanks to Miss Andrea (Tropical Storm for those of you who do not watch the weather channel or any news programs) my poor tomatoes are drooped over. They were pretty heavy-topped to begin with and with the 9.45 inches dropped in as many hours everything is wilted and droopy!

I cam home last night as usual and finished making dinner. Sitting in my living room where I can see a goodly portion of my kitchen I noticed water seeping from under my refrigerator.

“Honey?” I begin, “Why is water seeping out from under the fridge?” Did I forget to remind you that I just came home from a very long and tiring week of end of school year mayhem? Well, I did.

“Noooo.” He responded. Yeah, we are very loquacious at 5:30 on Fridays.

We got up to investigate and found water seeping from between the floor and walls of our basement apartment. As I turned to look at my husband I noticed water pouring from my bathroom.

“Oh no!” I say. “Water is pouring out of the bathroom!”

Okay, you get the drift. Not only was it coming from the bathroom into the hall, it was coming from three of the four sides of our very square shaped apartment. We immediately moved any and all damageable furnishings and other items. We checked the laundry area to find the drain … well, NOT draining. I ran to retrieve towels to stop and absorb the water flow. The first round of water removed and towels in the washer to ring out as much water as I could before putting them back on the floor. We did this a couple of times before hubby called the property manager who came out with an industrial wetvac and assisted me with water removal. You may be wondering where hunny-bunny was while we toiled? Remember, he just had surgery so the job was mostly mine.

When the rain eased the flow of water eased, when it poured – you get it. Finally around 9:30 PM the rains eased and the water stopped flooding my apartment. I was able to put a third of all my towels into the washer for a real washing and take a break. No real damage. Two cardboard boxes with contents wet. I few cloth items stored in the laundry will need a washing. My nightstand got a little damp. You would never know we were flooded if you did not see the pile of towels being washed and dried or the giant wetvac in the laundry or the dehumidifier running to remove any semblance of moisture.

We were exhausted by bedtime. I haven’t looked at my gardens yet to see what damage 9.5 inches of rain can do. I am pretty sure it won’t be pretty. I will post pictures soon.

Oh, the benefit of some minor flooding? Any hiding of spider carcasses or dog-hair dust bunnies have been found and eliminated! The tile floors are REALLY clean!

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Getting ready!

We decided to give it another go in this shady yard of ours. After watching the sun last summer, and making some strategic clipping, we have found an area that gets quite a bit of sun. The section does have a bit of a slant so we will have to water twice a day  to keep everything supplied.

We have already cleared the area, staked it and put down the weed-block fabric. This weekend we will be building the box and planting some veggies. As soon as I am able, I will post pictures.

Looking to plant lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and a few other things. Perhaps a cuke and squash plants.

I will see what else we have in the heirloom seeds and plants.


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